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Greenhouse Club

The Greenhouse Club is a unique yearly membership, where together we design a plan for your garden and deliver seasonal selections of Organic and non-GMO vegetable starter plants to your garden.

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Raised Beds

The first versions of raised garden beds transformed the complexity and hard work of gardening into something simple and easy to do. I have taken the simple concept and enhanced it to something more versatile.

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Raised Herb Gardens

The Raised Herb Garden is great for a patio, or right outside the Kitchen. It is at a perfect working height to eliminate bending entirely!

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Potting Benches

With two Potting Bench Styles to choose from and fully customizable options, I can build you the bench you’ve always dreamed of.

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Garden Bench

Our Garden Bench is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or tea while admiring your garden.

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Window Boxes

Design and personalize your own Window Box with different words, colors and sizes.

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Latest Blog Posts

Good Bye Summer

While this summer has seemed to have flown by in such a blur, it’s hard to believe it is over. Most summers are full of lots of hard work in the garden, clearing, pruning, weeding, monitoring moisture due to extreme temperatures, etc. Which, don’t get me wrong, there has been plenty of garden chores along … Read more

New Items

This past month I have been working on adding a few new things to the Gardening Squared lineup. I had a lot of people asking me for something that could be placed on a patio. Or, I also hear a lot of “Oh, well I only have a small balcony” or “It would be nice, … Read more

Arbor Day Festival

This weekend was the annual Arbor/Earth Day Festival in Thousand Oaks. Gardening Squared was there, of course, with a booth set up for both children and adults to plant something green to take home, we had the choice of: watermelon, zucchini, or green beans. It was such a beautiful day, perfect wether and lovely people! … Read more

Growing the best Tomatoes

Tomatoes truly are one of my most favorite vegetable to plant. Not only are they incredibly easy to grow but the taste of a “homegrown” tomato is just incomparable to a store bought. And last but not least, the smell of a tomato plant is just a sign of summer days! Listed below are a … Read more

The new workplace

At the end of last year, the most wonderful man in the world (Matthew) decided to build me a new gardening shed that would double as a work studio for the boxes as well as have a lot of light for a greenhouse effect to start my seeds. I was so excited for this to … Read more

Gardening in Local Schools

This weekend Gardening Squared was invited to participate in the Annual Carnival for a local school in Oak Park, CA. Where we set up a booth for the Children to plant their own Seeds of Change (100% Certified Organic, Heirloom and traditional seeds that help promote sustainable agriculture) and grow an organic fruit or vegetable. They … Read more